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May Artist Talk

For our May artist talk we’ll be at Greenfield Arts in Newton Aycliffe on Wed 3rd May from 6.30pm. The talk by Helen Winthorpe Kendrick will be part of the opening night of an exhibition of new work by Helen titled Antinomies.

To see more of Helen’s work visit

Antinomy is a contradiction between principles or conclusions that seem equally necessary and reasonable; a paradox. Life is full of contraries, contradictions, contrasts and complements. They can be at odds with one another or enhance each other. This exhibition explores a range of such juxtapositions and brings them together in one place. Opposites will be compared and contrasted, placing them next to each other for impact. The large will be next to the small, the sky over the sea, the black next to the white and under the ground next to above the ground – Helen Winthorpe Kendrick



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blimey! visit this week

This week we will be supporting The Bridge in Darlington by attending their celebrations for the future of the building and the newly formed charity which will run there. The evening will also feature the opening of two exhibitions by Paul Dillon with live music by Paul and friends.

Join us at The Bridge on Friday 7th April from 7pm (please note there will not be a meeting on Wednesday 5th April as we are attending this event as a collective instead).

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