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blimey! Christmas Drinks

December is (almost) upon us and this can only mean one thing. Yes, blimey! Christmas Drinks!

We’ll be meeting on Friday 4th December from 7.30pm Upstairs at The William Stead, Darlington.

You are more than welcome to join us!

Festive wishes



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Carol Sommer : Cartography for Girls

November’s blimey! Artist talk saw Core blimey! member Carol Sommer presenting her solo show Cartography for Girls at Creative Darlington‘s Crown Street Gallery in Darlington.

In her own words Carol uses ‘film, found objects, installation and text in attempts to engage with the discourses of literature and literary criticism.’This exhibition was a response to the novels of Iris Murdoch in a variety of ways. An avid fan of Iris Murdoch, with a thorough understanding and grasp of the complex texts and themes, Carol has reconstructed selected elements of the work and carefully assembled them in the Crown Street space.With a mass of postcard sized pieces, presented next to videos of women reading selected texts there is a lightness and comedic feel to elements. This is balanced with a real sense of focus and love for the texts presented.

Well done Carol – we love it!





IMG_2356The artist – Carol Sommer, Cartography for Girls. Crown Street Gallery, Darlington
IMG_2357Carol Sommer, Cartography for Girls. Crown Street Gallery, Darlington


Canada, Hong Kong, Moscow, London, Oxford and Billingham
“His bearded face shocked her” Iris Murdoch

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