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Carol Sommer, Artist Talk – Wednesday 6th March from 7pm

Artist and blimey! co-founder Carol Sommer will be talking about her creative practice at our new venue, Darlington Central Working Men’s Club, 7 Beaumont Street, Darlington, DL1 5RN.

For Jane

Carol describes her work –

A lot of my work is driven by an interest in taxonomies and classification systems, and in particular an interest in the illuminations and absurdities that arise as a result of applying classification systems to existing bodies of information – a few examples of this include the dialogue between conceptual art practice from the 1960s and risk assessment required by current Health & Safety legislation, the systems that people devise and use to organise their CD and music collections, and the relativity of written descriptions of colour by artists and art critics. More recently a lot of my work has focused on the perception of female characters in literature.

Whilst classification may always be provisional and illusory, I enjoy the tension created through this approach; between on the one hand the desire to be open to both wonder and to complexity and on the other, the desire to understand through classifying or measuring.

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