Sarah Rumis, Artist’s Talk No.2 – Wednesday 7th November from 7pm

Sarah Rumis will be our next guest artist talking about her work, on Wednesday 7th November at 7pm, upstairs in Vesuvio, 3a Houndgate, Darlington, DL1 5RL.

“I am an installation and text based artist dedicated to making work through the process of intervention and manipulation. I work with materials that are readily available such as found literature, traditional pattern, and sensory/perishable materials. Throughout my practice I use the act of labour as a meditative process to connect with my surroundings, focussing on subjects such as; fantasy and reality, the romantic, the uncanny and transitory environments, whether they’re based in reality or the subconscious. Through these methods I am developing ways to distort the atmosphere of physical and psychological spaces through the translation of ‘the reverie’ into ‘the real’.” Sarah Rumis (2012)

Everyone is welcome to come along, (please note that our meeting will take place upstairs and there is no lift)

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