Now 51

Size Matters



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4 responses to “Now 51

  1. Dr. Bertie Dastard

    Eh, What? In order of importance , Now 51 should go after “Music for Mentalists: Unexpected Sounds for the Connoisseur”. Don’t even think I’ve made that title up. Yeah, you’re going to Google it aren’t you? You just can’t resist. Yours faithfully, your very own Dr. Bertie Dastard.

    • Ed & Milly Band

      Hey there Dr. D. How can Now 51 be tagged as “Unexpected Sounds For the Cononisseur”. I listened to it yesterday in the bath and it was pure cack. Kind regards, Ed & Milly Band.

      • Doris

        Now then Ed & Milly, I concur, the said album is aural effluent at best. I regard it as nothing less than sewerage. It is absolutely disgusting and should carry a Government Health Warning. Yours sincerely, Doris Johnson.

  2. Dr. Bertie Dastard

    I wasn’t suggesting Now 51 should be tagged as anything. Much less as an item of quality. “Music for Mentalists”. There’s a clue there. It’s an album of cack. Now 51 is even worse and in order of importance should clearly come after it. The title of said series of albums is a contraction of “Now That’s Not Even Worth Downloading For Nowt”. Yours, The Doctor (Still available for second opinions and validating outrageous insurance claims)

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